UNT Campus Parking

Everybody knows parking on campus at the University of North Texas is a necessary evil. Whether you choose to live on-campus or off and you plan to park your motor vehicle on campus, you will be required to purchase a parking permit. Controlled parking areas include all campus parking lots, metered parking, and all campus streets. Signs and markings have been placed to designate controlled parking areas. Each student parking a vehicle on campus, must obtain a parking permit which will allow the vehicle to be parked in the area designated by the permit. Meter parking now accepts both meter cards and coins. Cards allow students to pay for the actual time parked at each meter versus using coins and paying for estimated times or overages. Bicycles are not charged a permit fee to park on campus. The University is not responsible for stolen bicycles. It is highly recommended to lock your bike when parking on campus.

All UNT Parking Permits must be purchased online. Citations can be paid either online or in person at the Parking Services Offices at 620 Central Avenue at the Highland Street Parking Garage. For information on visitor parking, payment of citations, parking permits, parking regulations, campus parking maps, parking meters, parking garage, airport parking, and frequently asked questions  GO TO  >

The University of North Texas
Parking Services
Highland Street Parking Garage
620 Central Avenue
Denton, Texas 76201

Lobby Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed
(Lobby Entrance is located on Avenue A)

Student Parking Permit Pricing
– Annual Rates –
E – Commuter Student: $250
R  –  Campus Resident: $250
RS – Campus Remote: $125
M  –  Motorcycle: $115
Discovery Park Lots – All Permits Apply

Faculty & Staff Parking Permit Pricing
– Annual Rates – 
A  –  Reserved: $577
FS  –  Faculty • Staff: $225
G  –  General Commuter: $135
HD – Hall Director: $577
M  –  Motorcycle: $105
TF  –  Teaching Fellow: $137 per Semester
HF – Retiree: No Charge Upon Verification

Garage Parking Permit Pricing
– Annual Rates –
HSG Reserved:  $1,200
HSG: $850
HSG Resident: $450
HSG Semester: $350
HSG Summer: $200
UCG: Hourly Only
Daily Rate: $16
Hourly Rates: $2

HSG: Highland Street Garage
UCG: Union Circle Garage

Bicycle Parking
Bicycles are not required to display a parking permit. Bicycle parking on campus is FREE. Bicycles must be parked at designated racks provided on campus. The University of North Texas is not responsible for theft of damage. It is recommended that you lock your bicycle at all times.

For more information about UNT Campus Parking
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