TWU Campus Parking

Texas Woman’s University has parking space available for student, faculty/staff members who bring motor vehicles to the campus. The university does not furnish unlimited parking space to accommodate all vehicles. Lack of parking space does not justify violation of any parking regulations. Vehicles must be parked between two parallel white lines. Vehicles must be parked in appropriate zones as designated by the parking permit during zone enforcement hours. Between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. vehicles with a valid parking permit, may be parked in any zone except visitor, reserved, yellow curb and fire lane. Parking area curbs are color coded blue, gray, maroon, green and black to correspond with the areas designated on the map which accompanies these regulations. Curb color always takes precedence over map designations. The university does not assume responsibility for the protection of motor vehicles or the property they contain. Police and parking services are available 24-hours, seven-days a week to the university community.  Each full or part-time student, faculty, staff or wellness center member who wishes to park a vehicle on university controlled property must complete a vehicle registration form at the DPS Parking office or online, pay a fee, and receive an appropriate parking permit (decal) which assigns the vehicle to a designated area or areas for parking. On motorcycles, the decal is to be placed on the front fork where it is clearly visible. On motor vehicles, the decal shall be placed on the inside lower corner of the front windshield on the passenger side with the number facing out. Parking permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another. Handicapped persons with a state issued handicapped designation and a TWU Parking permit may park in any handicapped space or other legal zone. All students, faculty, and staff wishing to park on the TWU campus must purchase a parking decal. These decals may be obtained from the TWU Department of Public Safety Office. All individuals must provide their TWU ID, license plate number and proof of vehicle ownership.

TWU Department of Safety Office
Hubbard Hall, Lower Level
301 Administration Drive
Safety Office: 940-898-2911
Parking Office: 940-898-2925

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Valid One Day Parking Pass: $5

Student Parking Permit Pricing
Academic Year:  $70
Fall Semester:  $60
Spring Semester:  $60
Summer Semester:  $60

Staff (non-exempt) Parking Permit Pricing
Academic Year:  $90
Fall Semester:  $81
Spring Semester:  $81
Summer Semester:  $81

Faculty & Staff (exempt) Parking Permit Pricing
Academic Year:  $97
Fall Semester:  $87
Spring Semester:  $87
Summer Semester:  $87

Motorcycle Parking Permit Pricing
Academic Year: $35

Bicycle Parking
Bicycles are not required to display a parking permit. Bicycle parking on campus is FREE. Bicycles must be parked at designated racks provided on campus. The Texas Woman’s University is not responsible for theft of damage. It is recommended that you lock your bicycle at all times.

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