Moving & Helpful Hints

Now that you’ve found a place to call home, you’ll need to select a moving date. Don’t underestimate your moving day. A well planned and organized move will take hours, while an unorganized one can turn into a weekend event. Now that you’ve signed your lease, ask your apartment manager about any restrictions concerning moving hours at your new community. Don’t hesitate to talk about your upcoming move with the leasing agent, they are experienced pros and they will be able to assist you with just about any questions or concerns you might have about your move.  They may even have some suggestions!  If you’re moving personal items and none of the big stuff like furniture, you’ll probably need to make moving arrangements with a friend or family member who can provide an suv, van or pickup. But, if you’re going to be moving larger items like a bed, tables, sofa and a flat screen TV you’re probably going to need a moving van or truck. If you are least 18 yrs. old with a valid drivers license, you should qualify. We suggest that you make your reservations with a truck rental company a week in advance of your moving date.  If you’re planning on moving during the weekend, it might be a good idea to make those reservations a few weeks in advance. Weekends can be get pretty crazy… Always confirm your truck reservation a few days before your actually pick up the truck. We also recommend you make arrangements to pick up your van/truck as early in the morning as possible. 3 or 4 customers in front of you can mean an hours wait!  Most rental centers will provide items you can rent or purchase such as dollies, boxes, blankets, tie-down ropes, tape, bubble wrap and other moving related supplies. These items will be sold at a premium so if you’re interested in saving a little cash, make a list and drop by your local hardware store a week or two before your move. This way you’ll be packed and ready to go on moving day. Speaking of packing, here are some time-saving packing ideas to keep you organized:

  • Be Realistic About What You Pack – Let the size of your off-campus apartment determine what you bring. Remember, you can always bring more at a later date.
  • Pack in Advance – Start packing a week before your moving date.
  • Pack Room Specific Items – place an empty box or two in each room and begin from there.
  •  Mark Boxes – clearly mark on the side of each box the specific room and contents within. The use of directional arrows will keep things “right-side-up” during the move and make unpacking that much easier.
  • Secure Your Items – use your towels, casual t-shirts & pants  or whatever non-newsprint items you can find to secure any breakable items when packing. Newspaper ink will bleed and damage personal items
  • Pack Personal Items Separately – keep a smaller open box of important personal items with you on moving day. Things get hectic enough, you don’t need to misplace your keys, wallet, ipod, or important paperwork during your move.

Remember, make the best out of your move and have a couple friends help. Let’s face it, It’s always more fun when you do things with friends… Even a move!  Then show a little love and appreciation by throwing a “move-in” pizza party. Once you’ve arrived at your new place with all your boxes in tow, call a local pizza delivery place and have them deliver a couple of pizzas. As far as drinks go, get a cooler and load up on your favorite beverage. Never underestimate the power of good friends, good food and cold drinks.

Last but not least, save all your receipts. In most instances your moving expenses are tax deductible.  And don’t forget to always ask the rental company if they offer student discounts!


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