Leasing Contracts & Helpful Hints

Your lease agreement is a legally binding document and should not be taken lightly. Make sure that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities as outlined in the lease agreement before signing. Never feel hurried when negotiating or reviewing your lease agreement and make sure the community leasing agent reviews your agreement line by line. If you or any of the parties listed on the agreement do not fulfill their lease obligations, you will be held in breach of contract and legal action can and will be taken. This breach will also immediately effect your credit rating and your ability to lease an apartment moving forward. All parties listed in the agreement will be held equally accountable. Do not assume anything concerning your lease agreement. Apartment communities are allowed to include any provisions they choose in their contracts, so if you don’t understand a clause in the agreement, ask the leasing supervisor for clarification. If you don’t agree with a provision, maybe your landlord can compromise. If you make any changes to the lease agreement, make sure to get those changes down in writing. You will need to date and put your initials next to those changes. Remember, never accept a verbal commitment, get it in writing. If you are feeling pressured to sign a lease agreement that you don’t fully understand… Stop!  Never lose sight that you are in control and if it doesn’t feel right, take your business elsewhere. We recommend that you ask your community leasing agent a few questions before finalizing the deal. Here are a few recommendations

  • Roommates – Make sure that all parties are present during the signing of the lease agreement.
  • Lease Terms – Make sure you understand the length of the agreement.
  • Security Deposit – Get a receipt that you paid a security deposit, find out if your deposit is fully refundable. Understand the difference between a fee vs. a deposit.
  • Rent Due Date – What is the amount of your monthly rent,  what form of payment does your community    accept,  and what are the financial penalties for late payment.
  • Utilities – Who pays for electricity, water, gas, trash, etc.
  • Discounts or Specials – Many apartment communities offer student discounts, waive fee and have move-in       specials.  Review each program with your leasing agent and then get it in writing.
  • Pet Deposit, Pet Fees. Pet Rent & Rules – Review pet terms, conditions, policies and community pet rules.  Clarify what portion of the deposit is refundable.
  • Lease Expiration – Review and have a clear understanding of your lease expiration date.
  •  Maintenance – Does the property have 24 Hr. emergency maintenance. Do repair requests need to be in writing.
  • Parking – Are there any parking restrictions concerning your vehicle or visitors vehicles. Find out what is the      towing policy.
  • Community Rules – Get a copy of the rules and regulations for your apartment community.
  •  Swimming Pool Rules :  Are there time restrictions on pool use or common community areas.
  • Guest Policies – Remember, you are not a hardship or charitable night shelter.  Some friends never know           when enough is enough. Discuss guest policies with management. It is always best to let management know when you are having a guest for the weekend.
  •  Intention to Vacate – It is required to submit a written notice if you will not be renewing your lease. Find out the community’s time frame. Some Apartments will as for up to a months notice that you will not be renewing your lease.










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